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  Staff and Board Members


Kim BurnettPresidentakz-jlt5rcwbiwffncok1wv0jyzftqt1miwzzexoprqrh467bh2x5pwxvslmyzf2u9z8djxy0tgbbzf527lzq0 and CEO, ex-officio Board Member

Kim has worked in the non-profit sector for over two decades, most recently as a private consultant advising national foundations on grant strategy and as a non-resident fellow with The Brookings Institution. She has served as a Program Director for the Surdna Foundation, where she oversaw a $7 million annual grant portfolio, and served as the Executive Director for The Community Development Partnership Network.

Kim’s passion for Shadhika’s mission is rooted in her own life experience. Growing up, the support from her parents gave her self-confidence to pursue her dreams. Through Shadhika, she is passing on this experience so that the young women Shadhika serves gain the skills and self-confidence to achieve their dreams


kkj1khhxs4gacu3nwergv8coylenizslanwjoxwbs1eJanet GrayBoard Chair

Janet is a partner with the Bellevue, Washington law firm of Jeppesen Gray Sakai P.S., specializing in the areas of estate planning, probate, tax and planned charitable gifting. She has practiced law for the past 35 years and is a mother of three. Janet became involved in Shadhika when her family volunteered in Kolkata with one of Shadhika’s grantees, New Light. During her first visit to India, Janet and her family were moved by the determination of the children with whom they worked to overcome incredible hardships and pursue their education. Through Shadhika, Janet can support the education of girls and young women, so that each can break the cycle of poverty and seek options other than forced child marriages, prostitution and child labor. Janet believes Shadhika accomplishes tangible change, one girl at a time.


Suzo5_csoei0d4ammuq3jmgwhfudpwzwistew8rssphmssan Herzig, Vice Chair

Susan is a professional art dealer and the co-owner of Paul M. Hertzmann Inc., dealers in fine photographs. In her previous profession as an occupational therapist, she developed a passion for education. Her work with Shadhika combines her commitment to education and her interest in India, where she has often traveled.





ivcbot4ty4h0s12qyf5i51mcjao59ikvztk6lxgszn8Aruna Bellary, Treasurer

A resident of Palo Alto in California, Aruna brings solid experience in all aspects of financial management having worked in this capacity at Oracle Corp., Sun Microsystems, and Intel Corp. She now volunteers as a Mediator for the City of Palo Alto. Aruna lived in Odisha, Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore before moving to California in 1986. A native of India, she is delighted to bring her personal and professional experience to Shadhika.





kpf7ev_iq8mbo2kgzksnx_avs3sf8efk0f5baywvbf0Anondo Stangl, Secretary

The son of Juthica and Peter, Anondo is currently an Interventional Radiologist for Kaiser Permanente of Colorado. He is committed to carrying on the work of Shadhika, started by his mother and father.






1Sreelata (Lata) Maddipati, Board Member

During Lata’s life, her mother has been a source of inspiration and a powerful example of how educating women gives them opportunities that lift their families up. Through education, women like Lata’s mother, become strong roots of support for their families and communities ­­ slowly addressing inequality, injustices, and traditions that work against women and their children.

Lata attended an accelerated medical school at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. Her anesthesia training was completed at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital.  She is an anesthesiologist at Kaiser, San Francisco.

With her colleagues, she has volunteered on surgical missions, for the past 10 years, in Kenya, Bolivia, Guatemala, and El Salvador. These missions are deeply rewarding and have allowed her to better understand the lives of women around the world and the tremendous sacrifices that millions of women and families make to provide education, economic opportunity, and a safe and healthy environment for their children.


1Juliet Page, Board Member

Juliet is a Madison, WI-based philanthropy consultant for grant-seeking nonprofit organizations and private foundations. Juliet came to Madison from New Orleans, where she directed fundraising efforts for the Greater New Orleans Foundation’s $25 million Community Revitalization program and served for three years as an external advisor to the Rockefeller Foundation for its $24 million Rebuilding New Orleans Initiative.  Prior to her post-Katrina work in New Orleans, Juliet lived and worked for ten years in New York, where she was for four years the . As a mother of two small children, she brings both a personal and professional passion to her board service.



diane-sDiane Sigel, Board Member

For 30 plus years, Diane served as CEO for the family business, Duffle Bag, Inc.:  a small chain of retail stores dealing in camping, hunting, fishing goods and clothing.  She knows the challenges of a woman working in a man’s world and has succeeded in establishing herself as a leader in a male-dominated field. For most of her adult life, Diane has also dedicated herself to sharing her skills and her knowledge as a mentor, advisor, sounding board and shoulder to lean on for friends, colleagues, and organizations from Temple Beth El in Tacoma to local, regional and national levels of Hadassah to arts organizations and academic councils.

Diane grew up in Tacoma. She graduated from Western Washington State University/Fairhaven College with a degree in Business, joining the family business in 1977, assuming the role of CEO shortly thereafter.


2Nandita Geerdink, Board Member

Nandita is focused on achieving results that set her clients apart from the crowd by gleaning a powerful story out of a complex issue or initiative. She co-founded Resolution Communications to better serve forward thinking companies that are leading clean tech, green building and other sustainable services and socially responsible industries. Her practice is built on mutual respect and a philosophy that all companies, resolved to use innovation to change the world for the better, should benefit from the same experience, commitment, and enthusiasm, whether large or small.  Currently, she is a consultant for Solaria Corporation, acting as marketing and communications director.

Nandita graduated from the University of Wisconsin Madison with degrees in Biology and Philosophy.  She volunteers her time to causes she believes in with Shadhika, securing education for girls in India, and Doyenne Group, empowering women entrepreneurs.  Nandita lives in Madison where she enjoys four seasons with her husband and two kids.


2Farrah Salisbury, Donor Outreach Manager

Farrah comes to us from Springfield, Missouri.  She first became passionate about international work while studying History & African Studies at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.  After living abroad in Ghana and South Korea, she decided to pursue a Master’s Degree in International Development & Global Health from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver. Before joining the Shadhika team, Farrah worked as a Community Manager at the American Cancer Society, where she learned that she loves working with volunteers and donors.  She also loves reading, being near the ocean, and traveling- she has visited 31 countries, including India!


thumb_img_7684_1024Sophia Cole, Communications Coordinator

As the daughter of a Marine, Sophia grew up in 12 different states but feels most at home in Colorado. Her passion for women’s development is rooted in a B.A in International Affairs and French Minor that she received from the University of Colorado Boulder. While pursuing this degree, she had the opportunity to travel the world for school, work, and enjoyment.

Sophia has worked in the non-profit sector for 3 years. Most recently as a program coordinator for a girls’ rights programs in Tanzania. As a sophomore in college, she worked for an NGO in Tanzania to start an all-girls rugby club.

Sophia became fascinated with India when writing her senior thesis on the girl’s education rights in India. During this academic journey, she became familiar with Shadhika’s work. Sophia joined the Shadhika team in the August 2016 and supports the organization’s communications and marketing efforts in Denver. In her spare time, Sophia enjoys skiing, playing rugby, and rock climbing.


1Mitchell deVito, Programs Intern

Mitchell DeVito is a 32-year-old graduate student at the University of Colorado Denver studying for a Master of Social Science in International Studies with a focus on refugees and displaced peoples. Mitchell earned his Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from the University of Colorado Denver in 2015. Growing up in the Colorado Sate Foster Care System he has developed a passion for and deep
commitment to social justice and humanitarian issues both domestically and internationally.

Mitchell currently works part time for CU Denver’s office of international admissions in charge of marketing and communication, and as special program intern for Shadhika, He hopes to someday open his own NGO to help refugee and displaced children transition to life in a new country.


1Madison Zimmerman, Social Media Intern

Madison grew up in Marin County, California in the Bay Area. She moved to Denver in the fall of 2014 to attend the University of Denver for her undergraduate degree in International Studies, with a specialization in humanitarian and development work. She loves to travel and embraces the joys of Colorado by skiing, camping, and hiking every chance she gets.



Shadhika’s Past Board Members

Juthica Stangl, Founder, Board Member Emeritus

Peter Stangl, Board Member Emeritus

Anne Garcia (2013-2016)

Kathy Weiss (2014-2016)

Monika Agarwal (2004 – 2012)

Julie Basu (2004 – 2012)

Reema Batta (2010 – 2012)

Mary Buttner (2007 – 2013)

Linda Carlson

Clifford Colvin (1999 – 2012)

Amita Dhawson (2008 – 2012)

Sree Gupta

Sharon Hofstedt

Paul Hertzmann (2014 – 2015)

Radhika Fox (2013 – 2014)

Suruchi Mohan (2010-2011)

Josetta Owen (2005-2008)

Jean Schapp (2008 – 2012)

Usha Sekar (2005 – 2012)

Maureen Sheehan (2004-2014)