How big is Shadhika? What percentage of my donation goes to cover operating costs?

Our 2014 budget is approximately $250,000. Ten percent of all funds raised go to cover our operating costs. In addition to our Board of Directors, we have a President and CEO who manages the day-to-day operations with the support of volunteers and interns. Shadhika has received Silver Level status from Guidestar.

Why would I give to Shadhika rather than just give money directly an organization you support?

Most the nonprofits we work with in India are recognized non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) in India but are not registered non-profits (501c3 organizations) in the United States. This means that a donation directly to them would not be tax-deductible. Because Shadhika is a 501c3, you are able to get this tax benefit but you also get the peace of mind from knowing that Shadhika has carefully vetted the organizations it supports, provides organizational technical support to these grantees, and keeps in regular contact with them through email and twice annual site visits to India.

How does Shadhika decide what organizations to fund?

To ensure accountability and impact among our grantees, Shadhika conducts careful research on organizations that we hear about, that our current grantees tell us about, or that our donors and partners to refer us. Because of our size, we look for organizations that are focused on our mission and strategies, and that are in the early to mid-stages of their growth so that our dollars have real impact. We look for organizations that are locally led, preferably by women, that have a clear mission and organizational structure, and that are willing to work with us as a partner to help them grow.

How do you monitor your grantees? How do you know you are making an impact?

In addition to regular email communication and twice yearly site visits to our grantees, grantees are required to submit annual reports on their impact. We also capture stories of impact for the individual girls who are taking advantages of our programs so we can see their progress over time and the impact on their lives.

The issues - and India – are so big -- How can you have an impact?

Yes, the challenges facing girls in India are daunting – sex trafficking, child marriage, poverty, rape, domestic violence, and a patriarchal system that values boys over girls. But we believe in working at “both ends” of the solution. Having a direct impact on even one girls’ life – means the world to that one girl. It can literally be the difference between life and death. At the other end of the spectrum, we work with other like-minded organizations to raise the voices of women and promote awareness of the issues and the policy and program solutions needed to affect the state of girls in India.

Other than giving money, how can I get involved in Shadhika?

Besides financial support, you can volunteer for Shadhika or host an educational or fundraising event.