Shadhika’s New Strategic Plan

Looking Forward

Kim Burnett, Shadhika’s CEO

Every October, the Shadhika Board of Directors meets to assess our performance and adjust our strategies based on what we are learning. This year, we approved a new strategic plan for 2017-2019.

Since 2013, we have doubled our donor base and increased our revenues by 400%, enabling us to expand our reach to every major city in India. We now serve over 850 young women and 300 boys annually (a 300% increase). In the past three years, Shadhika has awarded over $300,000 in grants, which has enabled 96 percent of the girls we support to complete secondary school, 94 percent to increase their knowledge of their rights, and less than 2 percent forced to drop out of school due to child marriage (compared to a national rate of 47%). We’ve achieved these milestones while maintaining a low overhead cost of just 10-15 percent annually.

Looking forward, we’ll continue our focus on girls’ education, economic self-sufficiency, and empowerment, but will sharpen these strategies to focus on supporting a girl’s success as she grows and matures by providing a high-quality continuum of support at each stage of her development – from secondary school to college and/or vocational school, to employment. To this end, our core grant programs will encompass three interlocking strategies:

  • Supports for Success: Targeted to girls age 10 to 18, this program focuses on ensuring girls receive quality supplemental education in English, computers, life skills, and leadership development – critical skills for our 21st century workplace.
  • Shadhika Scholars: This program provides scholarship support to young women, age 18 – 24, to attend college and/or vocational training.
  • Ready for Work: This program supports job readiness, placement, and retention programs for young women age 18-26.

Complementing our core grant programs will be two new programs. The first, Boys to Girls, supports gender equality and anti-violence training for boys and young men age 10 to 26. The second program is our organizational capacity program.

Over the next three years we expect to continue to expand our reach throughout India – strategically adding additional grantee partners to help advance our mission and growing to serve over 1,000 girls and 500 boys per year.

We are excited about the next three years and what we are poised to accomplish for the girls we support. Thanks again for your support to get us this far. We invite you to read the complete plan on our website. As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions: