Benefits of Investing



While there are many international organizations pooling resources for girls and there are a number of number of organizations pooling resources to support NGO efforts in India, Shadhika is the only organization that is exclusively focused on pooling resources to support girls and address gender inequality in India. Because of this, we have a deep knowledge and understanding of the challenges facing girls in India and how issues of gender inequality play out in that country. This expertise enables us to invest in and focus on more effective strategies that are in tune with India’s culture.

When you invest in Shadhika, you join over 500 other donors just like you who are invested in our mission. By working together, your dollar goes farther and your impact increases.

Your investment goes farther, as we are committed to 90 cents of every dollar going directly to grantees in India. We are committed to keeping our operational costs down to ensure the support from our individual donors goes to the work we support rather than to our own operations.

We carry out extensive due diligence and oversight of our grantees, giving you piece of mind that your investment is having an impact. Prior to making an initial investment, we carry out a thorough financial due-diligence on all potential grantees, making sure they meet the standards of a US based not-for-profit. We visit all projects on an annual basis to monitor their progress, are in regular communication with them via email and Skype, and require regular reporting on their efforts.

Your donation is tax-deductible. When you Shadhika without receiving goods or services in return, you can deduct it from your taxes. We will provide you with a letter showing the amount of your tax-exempt donation. For your records, our tax ID is #77-0344785.