Equal Community Foundation

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Equal Community Foundation (EFC) staff and members

Equal Community Foundation (ECF)  is one of the few NGO’s in India focused exclusively on providing in-depth education to boys and young men raise their awareness of gender-based violence and sex discrimination. This results not only in the boys treating women and girls with more respect but also with them challenging the cultural gender norm they themselves are subject to. It is an innovative program from which Shadhika hopes to learn and hopes that our other sites will benefit from as well. This approach is a critical piece to address the issue of gender inequality in India.

Shadhika’s support will go to underwrite the costs of one after-school center
in Pune serving up to 50 boys and young men. Our support will help establish
the center, reach out to participants, assess baseline attitudes among the
participants, and begin the first year of a three-year curriculum on-site.