Denver, CO

Denver Event

Thank you to all who came or supported Shadhika’s Voyage to India in celebration of our 25th Anniversary on Saturday, May 6th in Denver! Every minute of the evening wonderful, from the bazaar to the unveiling of Shadhika’s new video, to the beautiful dancers from Mudra’s Dance Studio. We hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did!

We would also like to thank our volunteer committee for making this event happen, and doing all the behind the scenes magic. A huge thank you to Lavanya Gullapalli, Renee Kallesen, Sharon Malhotra, Marci Radin, Amy Schafer, Monique Tuttle, Thamanna Vasan, and Megan Wayne.

Highlights of the gala included an authentic food from Biju’s Little Curry Shop, live music and performance from Mudra’s Dance Studio, an Indian bazaar, a wine pull, and more! With your help, Shadhika raised over $20,000! Your support will make a world of difference in the lives of the young women we serve. It will enable them to complete their education, go to college, become self-sufficient, stand up for their rights, and serve as leaders in their communities.

Megan Wayne – Denver Event Committee Volunteer 

I had been looking for volunteer opportunities in Denver and chose to give my time to Shadhika because I was struck by the mission and vision of the cause when I learned about the organization. I found it easy to get behind a company where the money raised really goes to helping the girls directly and saving them from a life of sex trafficking and no education.

I met Kim last year and was so impressed with such an engaged Executive Director, that her infectious enthusiasm for Shadhika got me really excited to volunteer however I could. I was able to use my skills of event planning and working with other nonprofits to get plugged in with the Denver Event Committee. We met about once a month to plan the 25th anniversary celebration logistics and work to get donations and sponsorships.

The most rewarding part of volunteering was seeing the whole event come together. It was really a fantastic night and a great opportunity to share my passion for the cause with my friends who attended the event. They were so impressed with the presentations and video on what Shadhika is all about and it made me happy to see my passion rub off on them.

I think a lot of times as volunteers we assume our role is small; yet it’s really playing a big part in helping these girls obtain a better life! I think this experience reiterated for me why it is so important to volunteer and invest our time. We always think we don’t have enough time but if we have time to sit down and watch a tv show, then we have time to volunteer.

Special thanks to our event sponsors