San Francisco, CA

Anniversary Gala


Thank you to all who came or supported Shadhika’s 25th Anniversary on Saturday, April 22nd in San Francisco! Every minute of the gala was wonderful, from the bazaar to the unveiling of Shadhika’s new video. We hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did!

We would also like to thank our volunteer committee for making this event happen, and doing all the behind the scenes magic. A huge thank you to Lisa Acree, Aruna Bellary, Susan Herzig, Jenny MacEwen, Lata Maddipati, Danielle Mayorga, and Martha Nabor!

Highlights of the gala included an authentic Indian dinner, live music by David “El Oso” and friends, an Indian bazaar, a fine wine auction, and dancing with Punjabi DJ Rocky.

With your help, Shadhika raised over $80,000! Your support will make a world of difference in the lives of the young women we serve. It will enable them to complete their education, go to college, become self-sufficient, stand up for their rights, and serve as leaders in their communities.

Nymisha Desai – Student Volunteer

Think back to a time when you could see the direct result of a positive change you created. Maybe you started living a healthier lifestyle so as a result you started feeling happier and more energized. What if that feeling of empowerment and fulfillment you received from that change could be gained from volunteering and impacting other lives in magical ways?

That is the feeling I gained from volunteering with Shadhika this year. I have grown up seeing my father translate college applications for girls whose second language was English, and it actually helped them get into college. This helped me realize that small acts can truly make a difference and that is the most rewarding part of volunteering. They make you see that everything you do can positively impact someone in some.

I may be only fourteen years old, but after seeing first-hand the impact my father was able to have on others’ lives I knew volunteering was something I wanted to dedicate my time to. I am involved in the National Junior Honor Society at school and am required to fulfill nine hours of volunteer service each semester. I didn’t want to fill those hours with meaningless tasks so I started seeking out volunteer opportunities I am passionate about.

I learned about Shadhika through my dad’s aunt who helped connect me with the communications coordinator. I have an interest in the communications industry and loved the mission behind the organization, so I reached out and asked how I could get involved. Everything fell into place and I was able to help write a few articles for Shadhika and eventually volunteer at the 25th Anniversary Gala Event.

At the event I was around so many inspiring people, and realized working with passionate people is so empowering. I chose to volunteer with Shadhika because the organization’s values and areas of focus resonated with me. As a young woman, I’m big on women’s rights and personally know a lot about the cultural context of India. I wanted to join the communications committee because it would give me an opportunity to support those passions and give me the chance, as I started high school, to find out if I might be interested in the communications field as a potential future career.

The best part of volunteering with Shadhika was seeing the direct reward of my work. Shadhika is very volunteer friendly and allowed me to explore my potential while also empowering young women. They gave me the chance to take on responsibility on my own terms and provided flexible volunteer timing and remote work. I am forever grateful for this volunteer opportunity because I was able to use my voice to speak up for women’s equality and it has helped me gain a feel for the marketing and social work industries, as well as gain hands on experience.

I believe that volunteering can allow us the chance to take action to create the kind of world we want to live in. Volunteering with Shadhika is my way of doing my part in creating a world where there is more feminism, better education, and less poverty. I hope my journey has inspired everyone to do their part to make the world a happier place and fulfill themselves in the process.

About DJ Rocky: Dj Rocky believes that it’s not just music, it’s a vibe and when that bass drops we come alive.  With the synth and the snare, this is our one true escape and it’s intertwined with body, mind, and soul.  As a kid growing up in London, Rocky picked up his parents’ old school vinyl records- Classic Bollywood from Raj Kapoor to Amitabh Bachchan, classic disco from Donna Summer to the Bee Gees.  Over the decades, he has added a fusion vibe and now travels across the country and world-wide to perform.  For him, it’s all about love…positive vibes…and amazing energy.  For more about DJ Rocky check out his website at


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