Letter from Shadhika’s CEO: Report on STOP India

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Dear Friends, My past visits with STOP India in Delhi have sometimes been bittersweet. Two years ago, Shadhika made a bet and provided start-up funding to help this organization that works with survivors of sex trafficking launch a business venture to teach the women how to manufacture apparel and jewelry for sale. The venture provided a much-needed avenue for these women – many of whom cannot return home and have no families to speak of – to secure their financial livelihood. For the past two years, the venture at STOP has...

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Donors Raise Funds for Gender Equality: Our Fall Fundraiser Update

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Shadhika’s Fall Fundraiser is over! A big thank you to our friends in Madison, Wisconsin who hosted a fundraising party, our donors who participated in our matching program, and to each and every supporter who helped us raise just over $70,000 this October! The support we received from each of you is absolutely critical to Shadhika’s mission and the girls we serve. It is because of you that the girls we support are completing their education, becoming economically self-sufficient, and are empowered to pursue their dreams —...

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We’ve Moved!

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We’ve Moved! Shadhika is now calling the Posner Center for International Development “home.” Home to over 60 international development nonprofits, the Posner Center will help Shadhika exchange ideas with other like-minded organizations, cut costs and improve the products and services we deliver. Our new address is: Shadhika 1031 33rd Street, Suite 194 Denver, CO 80205 Phone: 303-455-1819...

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Shadhika Receives Platinum Rating from GuideStar

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GuideStar is the world’s largest source of information on nonprofit organizations, used by donors throughout the world to assess a nonprofit’s transparency and accountability. Shadhika was recently awarded GuideStar’s Platinum status – the highest level of recognition they offer. As a Platinum Participant, GuideStar has determined that Shadhika meets the highest level of accountability and transparency to its donors and is focused on measuring and sharing our progress and results with our donors. We are honored to receive this designation....

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Interview With Medhavinee Namjoshi, A Leader in Women’s Rights

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By Megan Harper, Communications & Donor Relations Associate at Shadhika Medhavinee Namjoshi (Medha) is the Chief Project Coordinator at Vacha, Shadhika’s partner in Mumbai. I sat down with Medha in October to learn how Vacha is making huge strides in changing cultural norms of a girl’s status in India. Vacha works with at-risk girls age 10-18 who live in the ‘bastis’ (slums) in and around greater Mumbai. They run over fifteen after-school centers that teach the girls about women’s rights, support them to stay in school, provide them with...

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Shadhika Welcomes New Interns!

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We are excited to welcome our new interns Soujanya Sridharan and Mitchell DeVito to Shadhika! Both will be working to support the following efforts this year: Shadhika’s Capacity Building Program and Partner Conference in Kolkata and Shadhika’s Life Skills Initiative. Soujanya is native to Bangalore, India and is finishing up her Master’s in Finance and Risk Management at the University of Colorado at Denver. She is fluent in Kannada, Hindi, and also speaks/understands Tamil. Mitchell is a self-described feminist and is also a...

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2015 College Scholarship Recipient Making an Impact

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Meet Nandita! Nandita* is a 2015 Shadhika College Scholarship Recipient. During Shadhika’s January 2016 Donor Trip to India, we had the opportunity to speak with Nandita about her college experience this past year. Nandita is the eldest daughter of her family; she has one younger sister who is in middle school. Nandita’s father works as a day laborer and her mother is a maid servant. Nandita’s family lives on less than three dollars a day. Nandita’s mother made it a priority to get her daughters through high school, but due to a...

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Help at-risk girls in India secure jobs!

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Shadhika is trying to raise $5,000.00 USD this month to support our partner organization Uddami’s Spoken English Program for 1 full year! Having the qualification of speaking English greatly helps Uddami graduates secure desired jobs. Here is a clip of Shadhika playing a vocabulary game with Uddami teachers during our January 2016 Donor Trip to India:   “We want our students to be confident in communication in English as this language is becoming more important...

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Thank You From the Girls We Serve

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This Giving Tuesday the girls we serve want to thank you, the donors who are making a huge positive impact on their lives. Because of your support, in 2015 Shadhika was able to expand its reach to two new sites in Delhi and Bangalore. In Delhi, we are supporting STOP India – an organization that works to rescue girls that have been victims of sex trafficking. In Bangalore, we are supporting Baale Mane – a safe haven for girls and young women who have previously been forced into child labor. In the last year, we have expanded our...

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Why We Invest in Girls

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The following is a reprint of Shadhika’s CEO’s (Kim Burnett) remarks from our fall fundraisers. A recent study found that India was the worst country for women among all the G20 nations¹. Why is this? Because extreme poverty, an entrenched patriarchal culture, and the on-going presence of the dowry system compel many poor families to see their daughters only as a burden. Thus, when forced to choose between providing for their sons or their daughters, they choose to invest what little they have in their sons. As a result, girls in India: Do...

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