What We Do

Shadhika combats gender inequality and breaks the cycle of poverty in India by investing in women-led locally based non-governmental organizations working in India in the following focus areas:

We fund program support and “wrap around” support (tutoring, uniforms, transportation, meals, etc.) for girls’ to complete secondary and post-high school education (ages 10 – 21 years)

We invest in programs that teach job skills to girls up to 25 years of age and place them in jobs, educate them about their own financial management, and/ or offer micro-financing opportunities for young women entrepreneurs


We support programming for girls ages 10 – 25 to empower them to take on leadership roles in their communities.

We underwrite programs working with boys (ages 10 – 25) that focus on addressing gender biases against women and girls and preventing violence and/or discrimination against women and girls


Our Philosophy

280-PhilosophyShadhika believes that equal rights and access to opportunity are basic rights — regardless of where you are born, your race, class or gender. Unfortunately, in India today many girls are denied these rights simply because they were born female.

At Shadhika we are working to ensure that all girls – but in particular those girls most at risk – have equal rights and access to opportunities. For us, this is not just a social justice issue, but also an economic, health, and political issue.

Investing in better outcomes for girls not only helps to lift them out of poverty, but has a profound ripple effect on their families, their communities, their countries, and, ultimately, our world.

For over twenty years, by investing in the education, empowerment, and economic self-sufficiency of at-risk girls in India, Shadhika has helped lift thousands of girls out of poverty and begun to break the cycle of gender inequality by creating positive role models for our next generation of girls and boys, developing more women leaders, and breaking down cultural biases that favor men over women.


How We Work

To carry out our mission, Shadhika:

We bring together donors who are interested in investing together to support women-led NGO’s in India working in our target areas
We invest in India-based NGO’s who are working directly with at-risk girls and local communities in these program areas
Through regular site visits we ensure accountability and help build the capacity of our grantees to increase their impact
We work with other funders and non-profits in India and globally to eliminate gender inequality and empower girls