Shadhika’s founder Juthica Stangl helped start Paripurnata in 1992 when she learned that women were winding up in prison after being thrown out by their husband’s family for lack of a dowry, for failing to produce a male child, or for becoming a widow.

Paripurnata is a rehabilitation facility for these women and provides them with a chance to learn skills and function independently in society. At Paripurnata the women receive health care, psychotherapy, job training, basic literacy training, and social skills to help them reintegrate with society. Ultimately, Paripurnata helps the women reunite with their families and provides regular house visits to ensure the women are doing well.

Shadhika has provided support to Paripurnata for over 20 years, helping it grow from serving just 9 women to over 50 women annually. In 2010, CNN-India bestowed the ‘Real Heroes’ award on Paripurnata for the exceptional support they are providing for the destitute and mentally ill women on the streets of Kolkata.

We continue to provide support to Paripurnata as part of our Founder’s Legacy program.

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