Grant-Making Strategy & Criteria

Our Grant-Making Strategy

Shadhika supports women-led locally based non-governmental organizations working in India in the following focus areas:

  • Girl’s secondary education (ages 10 – 21): Program support and “wrap around” support (tutoring, uniforms, transportation, meals, etc.). We primarily focus on Class 7 through 12.
  • Job training and/ or economic self-sufficiency training for girls up to 25 years of age: Program support and “wrap around” supports (tutoring, uniforms, transportation, meals, etc.). Job training programs must be clearly tied to placement with firms/ businesses.
  • Leadership development programming for girls (ages 10 – 25): Programming to empower girls to take on leadership roles in their communities.
  • Gender-based violence prevention programming for boys: Programs working with boys (ages 10 – 25) that focus on addressing gender biases against women and girls and preventing violence and/or discrimination against women and girls.

Shadhika does not support primary education programming (ages 0 -10 years), programming for women over 25 years of age, policy and advocacy work, and health-related programming.


Grant-Making Criteria

We will consider funding organizations that:

  • Provide services to at-risk girls in our focus areas (secondary education, job training/ economic self-sufficiency, and leadership development).  “At-risk” girls include, but are not limited to, those at high risk of trafficking, child marriage, and/or facing caste, religious or gender discrimination.
  • Provide services to boys (ages 6 – 25) to address gender inequality/ prevent violence against women according to our grant guidelines
  • That support girls between 10 – 25 years
  • That are providing direct services
  • Are working in India
  • Are small to mid-sized organizations
  • That are non-sectarian and/or do not advance a specific religious doctrine as part of their services
  • That are locally run
  • That are primarily led by women
  • That have an established organizational structure: have a board of Trustees that meets at least once a year, completes an annual certified audit, and have an accounting system in place.
  • That can meet the US non-profit equivalency standards by providing:
    • Evidence of the charitable purpose of the organization (such as organizing documents, by-laws, articles of incorporation, trust agreements, charter);
    • Evidence of NGO registration with government authorities where required by local law (tax classification or certification from appropriate authorities);
    • An annual report or brief description of the organization’s history, goals, mission, recent activities and future plans;
    • Recent financial statements (audited financials are preferred);
    • A list of the grantee’s governing board and key officers;
    • A brief description of recent grants made by any other organizations or units of government to the grantee.

If you think your organization meets our grant guidelines and criteria, please complete a letter of inquiry  as the first step in the grant application process.

Letter of Inquiry

Please complete this form and email to

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Shadhika awards grants on an annual basis, typically in July of each calendar year.