Board & Staff

Horizons-6Kim Burnett
President and CEO, ex-officio Board Member

Kim has worked in the non-profit sector for over two decades, most recently as a private consultant advising national foundations on grant strategy and as a non-resident fellow with The Brookings Institution. She has served as a Program Director for the Surdna Foundation where she oversaw a $7 million annual grant portfolio and has served as the Executive Director for The Community Development Partnership Network.

Kim’s passion for Shadhika’s mission is rooted in her own life experience. Growing up, the support from her parents gave her self-confidence to pursue her dreams. Through Shadhika, she is passing on this experience so that the young women Shadhika serves gain the skills and self-confidence to achieve their dreams.



Horizons-2Susan Herzig, Chair

Susan is a professional art dealer and the co-owner of Paul M. Hertzmann Inc., dealers in fine photographs. In her previous profession as an occupational therapist, she developed a passion for education. Her work with Shadhika combines her commitment to education and her interest in India, where she has often traveled.







Horizons-3Diane Sigel, Vice Chair 

For 30-plus years, Diane served as CEO for the family business Duffle Bag, Inc.,  a small chain of retail stores dealing in camping, hunting, fishing gear, and clothing.  She knows the challenges of a woman working in a man’s world and has succeeded in establishing herself as a leader in a male-dominated field. For most of her adult life, Diane has also dedicated herself to sharing her skills and her knowledge as a mentor, advisor, sounding board, and shoulder to lean on.  She has filled these roles for friends, colleagues, and organizations from Temple Beth El in Tacoma; to local, regional, and national levels of Hadassah; to arts organizations; and to academic councils.

Diane grew up in Tacoma. She graduated from Western Washington State University/Fairhaven College with a degree in Business, joining the family business in 1977 and assuming the role of CEO shortly thereafter.


Horizons-5Aruna BellaryTreasurer

A resident of Palo Alto, California, Aruna brings solid experience in all aspects of financial management, having worked in this capacity at Oracle Corp., Sun Microsystems, and Intel Corp. She now volunteers as a mediator for the City of Palo Alto. Aruna lived in Odisha, Chennai, Mumbai, and Bangalore before moving to California in 1986. A native of India, she is delighted to bring her personal and professional experience to Shadhika.






Anondo StanglSecretary

The son of Juthica and Peter, Anondo is currently an Interventional Radiologist for Kaiser Permanente of Colorado. He is committed to carrying on the work of Shadhika, started by his mother and father.








Horizons-9Lisa Acree, Board Member

Lisa has worked in the nonprofit sector for more than 25 years, in the areas of community development and corporate responsibility.  She has been a Shadhika volunteer since 2013.  Currently she is a full-time mom to three kids; she serves on the board of Horizons at SFFS, which provides free summer programming for kids from low-income families in the Mission District of San Francisco; and she manages the grant committee for One Sky Giving Circle, which funds domestic and international NGOs dedicated to human rights and gender equality.  She worked in the field of corporate social responsibility as chief operating officer at Business for Social Responsibility (BSR); prior to that she served in the Peace Corps in Senegal, West Africa, for three years, and has lived and worked in Japan and Mexico.



Horizons-11Nandita GeerdinkBoard Member

Nandita’s parents emigrated from India in 1974 and she grew up going to India as a child. She was deeply affected by the poverty children were living in and always wanted to help, even in small ways. Her parents were dedicated to raising their three girls to be compassionate, educated, independent women. Nandita joined Shadhika in part to honor her father, who passed away in 2006, and his belief in education for all girls to empower them to have choices in life. She believes that by educating these girls we can help them grow into women with the potential to achieve amazing things that we have yet to see. Now, she is committed to growing Shadhika’s donor circle in Madison, WI, where she lives with her husband and two children.

Nandita is a freelance communications consultant who works in clean tech, green building, and other sustainable services and socially responsible industries. She works with her clients to help build momentum towards decreasing carbon emissions in the built environment.


Horizons-14Janet GrayBoard Member

Janet is a partner with the Bellevue, Washington law firm of Jeppesen Gray Sakai P.S., specializing in the areas of estate planning, probate, tax, and planned charitable gifting. She has practiced law for the past 35 years and is a mother of three. Janet became involved in Shadhika when her family volunteered in Kolkata with one of Shadhika’s grantees, New Light. During her first visit to India, Janet and her family were moved by the determination of the children they met who had to overcome incredible hardships to pursue their education. Through Shadhika, Janet can support the education of girls and young women so that each can break the cycle of poverty and seek options other than forced child marriages, prostitution, and child labor. Janet believes Shadhika accomplishes tangible change one girl at a time.




Horizons-13Sreelata (Lata) MaddipatiBoard Member

During Lata’s life, her mother has been a source of inspiration and a powerful example of how educating women gives them opportunities that lift their families up. Through education, women like Lata’s mother become strong roots of support for their families and communities.  This support­­ begins addressing inequality, injustices, and traditions that work against women and their children.

Lata attended an accelerated medical school at the University of Missouri Kansas City. Her anesthesia training was completed at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital.  She is an anesthesiologist at Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco.

With her colleagues, she has volunteered on surgical missions for the past 10 years in Kenya, Bolivia, Guatemala, and El Salvador. These missions are deeply rewarding and have allowed her to better understand the live’s of women around the world and the tremendous sacrifices that millions of women and families make to provide education, economic opportunity, and a safe and healthy environment for their children.

Horizons-12Juliet Page, Board Member

Juliet is a Madison, WI based philanthropy consultant for grant-seeking nonprofit organizations and private foundations. Juliet came to Madison from New Orleans, where she directed fundraising efforts for the Greater New Orleans Foundation’s $25 million Community Revitalization program and served for three years as an external advisor to the Rockefeller Foundation for its $24 million Rebuilding New Orleans Initiative.  Prior to her post-Katrina work in New Orleans, Juliet lived and worked for ten years in New York. As a mother of two small children, she brings both a personal and professional passion to her board service.





Melody Jones, Board Member

A resident of the Bay Area, Melody is originally from Southern California and has had a long-standing fascination with India, intrigued by movies like A Passage to India and books such as May You Be the Mother of a Hundred Sons. Melody had a strong desire to visit India. The timing of such a trip was elusive until a 2017 fundraiser when she had the winning bid for the Shadhika 2018 Donor Trip. The trip was incredible. The girls were inspiring. She was sold on Shadhika’s mission to educate, empower, and make economically self-sufficient India’s most marginalized girls.

Melody has twenty-five years of experience in investment banking, corporate finance and consulting, including operating experience in Finance and Investor Relations. She currently runs her own company advising clients on mergers and acquisitions.



Pallavi Sharma, Board Member

Born in Jaipur India, Pallavi came to the US when she was three years old. A seasoned marketing professional, she has worked for General Electric, Hewlett Packard, and Hearst, and is now at a start-up in SF called She holds an MBA from Michigan State University and a BS from US Davis. She is a mother of two daughters. “As a woman who works in the technology sector in Silicon Valley, I know firsthand the constant battle of gender inequality. Shadhika’s focus on improving the lives of girls through education aligns well with the issues that have always been close to my heart.”






Shraddha Mahilkar, Program Officer – India

Shraddha is a post graduate in Clinical Psychology from The University of Delhi. With a decade of experience in diverse fields, she loves raising voices for the right cause – she is a proud feminist and women’s rights activist. She is drawn towards good conversations and loves traveling, food, and writing. Her creative inclination is exhibited not only through her writing but also through her passion for woodwork.






Narmada Morris, Donor Outreach Coordinator

Narmada was born in India and came to the United States as a toddler. Growing up, both education and cultural values were a very important part of Narmada’s life. 

As an adult, she knew she wanted to combine her love for her motherland with a career she could be emotionally invested in. Shadhika’s mission of providing education and encouraging women to become leaders in their community was a message that especially resonated with Narmada. 

Combining her business acumens, previous non-profit experience, and a love for India, Narmada hopes to see more girls complete school and become leaders in their communities for a stronger India.




Kendra Nicolai, Program Officer – Denver

With a MA in International Development, Kendra is a youth advocate and experienced youth programmer. She has eight years’ experience working in the nonprofit sector with a focus on youth development programs, including developing girl empowerment programs at an all-girls school in Kenya. She has traveled to multiple countries in Africa, consulting organizations on best practices with developing youth programming and is thrilled to be able to spread her knowledge and experience throughout India with Shadhika!







Rachel Fisher Ingraham, Independent Consultant

Raised to believe that girls were capable of anything, Rachel studied women’s issues in both her undergraduate and graduate programs. Since her studies, Rachel has worked in the nonprofit sector, focusing on women and youth. Believing strongly in supporting and advancing women’s rights as human rights, she has found ways to advocate for this issue. Rachel did her graduate fieldwork in India, studying women’s health in partnership with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences. This experience sparked her passion for India, women’s health, and international efforts to support women and girls. As a mother of two boys, Rachel recognizes the importance of working with boys to create a more gender-equitable world. She brings experience as a researcher, writer, social worker, and health educator.




Aanchal Mistry, “Making HERstory” Journalism Fellow

Born in Bihar, India, Aanchal moved to Mumbai at five-years-old and remains there today. She is in her last year of college studying banking and insurance. After taking multiple courses in digital marketing, she has developed a love for learning information about new places and technologies. She has been a member of Vacha, one of Shadhika’s grantee sites, for the past 10 years and her goal is to work with them to try to resolve social issues in her community related to girls mobility, safety, and education.






Julia Sonnenfeld, Event Outreach Fellow

As an undergraduate International Studies student at the University of Denver, Julia has always been passionate about global work and education. Julia found an interest in the non-profit sector through her time working at the African Refugee Development Center in Israel where she specialized in higher education accessibility. Her love for traveling also brought her to Bolivia where Julia researched health care and became increasingly passionate about women empowerment.

Now Julia is preparing to pursue an MA in International Administration at the University of Denver. Her experiences have drawn her towards the mission of Shadhika where she aspires to see more and more girls in India pursue education and careers.





Shadhika’s Past Board Members

Juthica Stangl, Founder, Board Member Emeritus

Peter Stangl, Board Member Emeritus

Anne Garcia (2013-2016)

Kathy Weiss (2014-2016)

Monika Agarwal (2004 – 2012)

Julie Basu (2004 – 2012)

Reema Batta (2010 – 2012)

Mary Buttner (2007 – 2013)

Linda Carlson

Clifford Colvin (1999 – 2012)

Amita Dhawson (2008 – 2012)

Sree Gupta

Sharon Hofstedt

Paul Hertzmann (2014 – 2015)

Radhika Fox (2013 – 2014)

Suruchi Mohan (2010-2011)

Josetta Owen (2005-2008)

Jean Schapp (2008 – 2012)

Usha Sekar (2005 – 2012)

Maureen Sheehan (2004-2014)