A Journey of 2 Girls



“The best thing is that my father has allowed me to study. He has begun to think differently.” – Radha, age 18.


Shadhika announces the start of its year-end campaign for donations, its annual appeal for funds that will provide life-changing opportunities for girls living in India. Donations received now through December 31, 2018 will be matched dollar-for-dollar (up to $20,000) so that dozens of girls in India have the opportunity to get an education. Many Indian girls, especially those from low-income communities, are at risk of dropping out of school due to the challenge of finances, gender discrimination, and personal safety.  Shadhika ensures that all girls complete grade school, graduate from college, and become leaders in their own communities.


This year’s year-end campaign, A Journey of 2 Girls, focuses attention on 2 girl students and their relentless pursuit to overcome the obstacles that keep girls from getting an education. A Journey of 2 Girls highlights the stories of Saba and Radha who are the first girls in their families to enroll in college.  Saba is 18-years-old and is focused on her goal of becoming an accountant. Saba’s parents and teachers believe in her future.



“I have seven children. I am counting on my children to do better than me in life. Saba’s knowledge has helped to broaden my way of thinking.”– Fatima, Saba’s mother.


Only 1 out of 100 girls enrolled in school in India complete grade 12. Many factors contribute to girls not attending college in much higher numbers than boys: obligatory household chores, cultural bias, sexual assault and early forced marriage. These barriers stand between young girls and their bright futures. An education removes these barriers and keeps girls in school. Shadhika helps break down these barriers for girls, helping them achieve their educational goals and become change-makers within their communities and around the world.


Meet Radha.  Radha comes from the “basti”  (slums) but has big dreams of becoming a Chartered Finance Accountant.  She wants to remain in her community and bring back all of her knowledge to help other girls like her fulfill their dreams.



“The best thing is that my father has allowed me to study further, he has begun to think differently. Now other girls in the slums are trying to secure a scholarship like me.” – Radha


In poorer countries, girls are even less likely than boys to go to school. When girls do not get an education that makes them more likely to be poor for the rest of their lives. And girls in poor families are less likely to get an education to begin with – and the system perpetuates itself. When this cycle is broken, there are long-term benefits.


“The best part of the scholarship program is that it does not only focus on the academic part. It gives an equal emphasis on community leadership” – Yagna Parmar, Chief Project Coordinator at Vacha.


Over the past 26 years, Shadhika has funded local, woman-led non-profits, with a focus on young women who face significant barriers to education. Through our work, we have learned that local organizations in India best understand the issues that girls face in their communities- thus are best placed to develop solutions. We believe that by empowering a girl to stay in school, get an education, and break through the limitations holding her back, she not only fulfills her dreams, but becomes a leader in her community for other girls. Shadhika is confident that education can play an influential role in progress for girls in India.


Join Shadhika this holiday season in supporting more girls like Saba and Radha. These girls and the future of all Indian girls depend on donations from generous donors who are part of the Shadhika community.


We invite you to come along on this journey and make a donation today.