Shadhika’s College Scholarship Donor Circle

Join Shadhika’s Donor Circle to Send Girls to College


As a testimony to the g2016 shadhika college scholarship recipientsreat work of Shadhika’s grantee partners, more and more of the girls we support want to continue on to college and pursue a career. Accomplishing this is one of the best ways to combat gender inequality in India.

Unfortunately, many of the girls we serve do not have the financial resources to pursue this dream. To address this, Shadhika has formed a donor circle to provide multi-year scholarships so girls from Shadhika’s grantee partner sites can attend college or vocational school. A donor circle is a group of donors who raise, pool, and grant money together for a specific purpose and who participate in educational programs to learn more about key issues.

Each year, with the support of Shadhika staff, the donor circle will review scholarship applications and make award recommendations. Scholarship recipients will provide regular reports of their academic progress and Shadhika will meet with them annually as part of our site visits.

Shadhika is now seeking donors who wish to participate in the giving circle as well as those who simply wish to provide financial support to this effort. We are asking donors to make a minimum 3-year commitment of at least $1,200 a year. We hope to raise at least $30,000 per year so we can make commitments to the girls who wish to enter college this year. Donors also have the opportunity to be a pen-pal to a scholarship recipient.

If you are interested in participating in this circle, let us know and we can send you more information:

“The Pen Pal program is also a wonderful way for us to make a personal connection with the girls, and serve as mentors. Their letters so clearly demonstrated how far they have come, and how hard they have worked. They are all truly inspiring. We are excited to have the opportunity to help realize their dreams.” – Shadhika College Scholarship Donor Circle member

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