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‘Gather for Girls’ is the name of Shadhika’s campus clubs, which are driven by students who want to play an important role in a girl’s life and the future of our world. Student fundraisers are a vital part of Shadhika’s mission to inspire and empower generations of young women in India for their lives, for India, and for our world.

The goal of Shadhika’s Gather for Girls program is to connect with students with a common philanthropic spirit as well as a strong desire to partner with us so that together we can combat the injustices women in India face and stand up for their rights to enable them to achieve equality and independence.


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Functions of a Gather for Girls Club

Shadhika’s Gather for Girls Program focuses on the value of learning. Shadhika provides students with a variety of materials and opportunities to use that knowledge to make a positive difference in themselves and the lives of others. As a member of a Gather for Girls club, you are expected to educate yourself, your fellow members, your peers and your community about Shadhika’s work. You can do this with international dinners, lectures, movies or discussions, and by accessing the educational resources that will be provided to you by Shadhika. Through education, students are exposed to authentic experiences, a deep insight into Indian culture, and practical facts about the challenges girls and women face in India.
Shadhika provides students with an insightful international perspective as it relates to the economic, social, and global implications of girls’ lack of value. We empower students to engage their leadership skills and use their voice to educate others so they too can recognize the importance of advocating for female empowerment and education in India.

Fundraising is the most critical part of any Gather for Girls club and is a fundamental component of Shadhika’s work overall. Clubs may hold fundraisers at their schools and in the community. A club’s fundraising action plan is entirely up the club members to decide- Shadhika will provide support as needed. We welcome your creativity and are open to other ideas that help raise awareness. Feel free to contact us with your ideas and let us collectively make an impact!



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