STOP India

STOP India

The Staff and Residents at STOP India

There are approximately 1.2 million child sex slaves in India today; these girls are sold, tortured, raped, drugged, and exposed to diseases. STOP India is dedicated to ending the trafficking of women and children through a multi-pronged approach. Located in Delhi, STOP works towards changing systems that oppress and enslave children and women and empowers survivors to use their lives and voices in a meaningful way.

STOP’s mission is to stop trafficking and oppression through education, legal movements, and rescuing girls and women from various forms of slavery and trafficking. STOP provides a safe home for rescued girls where they are supplied with the resources to help them heal and rehabilitate. STOP also provides these girls with an education and life skills. STOP provides many opportunities for survivors to realize their potential and to become empowered individuals who are agents of change.

Shadhika’s support helps provide training for survivors of trafficking on market-oriented handicrafts with the goal of teaching these survivors how to reach self-sufficiency through entrepreneurship.

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