Meet our 2018 Shadhika Scholars

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Meet our 2018 Shadhika Scholars! We’re so excited and proud to announce our 2018 Shadhika College Scholarship recipients. These 30 young women come from all backgrounds and corners of India. Their fields of study include nursing, accounting, education, the arts, and much more. Due to the high cost of education, cultural stigmas, and the threat of child marriage, few young women in India get the opportunity to attend college or pursue vocational training. Shadhika is changing this one girl at a time with our Shadhika Scholars program. 


The Shadhika Scholars Program provides financial support to young women who are leaders on girls’ rights issues in their communities. Candidates are nominated annually by Shadhika’s partners and selected in a competitive process. Scholars receive full or partial scholarships of up to $2,000 per year for one to three years of study at a college or vocational school. The Scholars program itself is a donor circle. Participating donors commit between $500 to $1,500 a year for three years. For more information on the Shadhika Scholars Donor Circle, visit this page or contact


2018 Scholarship Girls


Asha, Teaching – Baale Mane
Asiya, Civil Lawyer – Baale Mane
Shalini, Sociology – Baale Mane
Divya, Hotel Management – Baale Mane
Vidya, Commerce – Baale Mane
Vaideshwari, Journalism – Baale Mane
Bulti, Arts – Uddami
Afreen, Pharmacology – Vacha
Farhana, Radiology – Vacha
Iramnaaz, Interior Designer – Vacha
Muskan, Medical – Vacha
Parvati, Banking – Vacha
Pooja, Banking – Vacha
Sabina, Banking – Vacha
Anachal, Commerce – Vacha
Alka, Finance – Vacha
Jyoti, Banking – Vacha
Radha, Accounting – Vacha
Sabah, Accounting – Vacha
Savita, Fashion Design – Vacha
Afsana, Teaching – STOP
Afsar, Fashion Designing – STOP
Masum, Nursing – STOP
Priya, Nursing – STOP
Reshma, Nursing – STOP
Amkamsoom, Nursing – STOP
Razia, Communications – STOP
Rekha, Teaching – STOP
Vishali, Accounting – CWDR
Philome, Science Biochemistry – CWDR